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6 Different ways to Reduce Video size Online


Video files particularly HD ones area unit principally massive and occupy abundant house. And though you're not running out of blank disks sooner or later you’ll face the need to scale back your video files size. It should occur when:

1. You wish to send a video via e-mail.
2. A file is simply too massive for a disk.
3. Your drive is crammed up.
4. You wish to transfer it to your moveable gadget;

You might believe that quality loss is inevitable, however that’s not true. This text provides many ways in which to scale back video file size maintaining its original quality at identical time.


There are a unit 2 programs you'll use to form your video lighter on a Windows primarily based PC: Free makeVideo convertor and HandbrakeThe best is free makeVideo convertor. 

You’ll be able to either add your file orlet the computer code build the task for you or opt for custom settings.
 Let’s see however it works.

6 ways in which to shrink video file size with free make

Free make Video convertor permits its users to shrink video size each mechanically and manually. Everyprocedure is very simple. Check them below and opt for the one you wish additional.

WAY 1: Mechanically

Follow these steps to size your video automatically:

1. Install and run Free make Video Converter.
2. Add a video.
3. Opt for associate output format.
4. Set a fascinating file size as shown on the image.
5. Convert the video.

Please note you ought to not insert size under the allowable one or the video quality could also be spoiled.

Watch the video to visualize free make performance along with your own eyes:
This resolution suits well if you wish a concrete output video size and don’t wish to dig in video parameters. 

The computer code can mechanically regulate all of them to the desired size. However, if you're feeling sturdy into video encryption aspects, you'll conjointly attempt the subsequent ways to shrink video file size.

WAY 2: Amend video resolution

More possible you don’t would like a 1280×720 or higher resolution video for functions mentioned higher than. A resolution of 800×600 or 640×480 may be a decent substitution for your HD video. 

Though' you'll be able to even opt for a 320×240 resolution appropriate for a Smartphone.
Here may be thanks to amendment a resolution with free make Video Converter:

1. Begin the program.
2. Add the video.
3. Click on associate output format you need.
4. Opt for a prepared planned (640×480, 640×360, etc.).
5. Click Convert.

WAY 3: Amend video codec

There exist uncountable numerous video codec’s and naturally they vary in parameters.

A correct codec will cut back video file size by 2-3 times. One among the foremost house economical is H.264. Using H.264, you'll be able to keep identical resolution of associate HD video file. 

Though if you don’t have a contemporary graphic card you’d higher lower the frame size (resolution) likewise, otherwise your video could freeze up.

WAY 4: Lower frame rate

Frame rate may be a range of frames displayed per second. It usually varies between 24-30 Federal Protective Service. By lowering the frame rate, you'll be able to considerably decrease video file size. 

However, this technique isn't extremely counseled as a result of it affects video 

WAY 5: Appear extra components

When splitting a DVD or changing associate HD pica, avoid extra extras like further pic scenes, trailers, sub-rosa, interviews and commentaries, and audio tracks you don’t would like. Black edges take up house likewise thus crop them out.

Leave solely the title track.

Click on the video to preview it, then use сut video tool to appear no matter half unwanted. Opt for a custom planned and so Zoom & crop to urge eliminate black edges.

WAY 6: Lower Video Bitrates

The less bitrates price you choose the smaller size you get. Simply don’t lower it an excessive amount of otherwise your video could lose quality.
 It’s higher to stay bitrates price between 1400-2000kbps.

Reduce video file size with handbrake

Handbrake is new nice tools which will assist you get the task done. The computer code may be put in on Windows, waterproof OS and even UNIX primarily based computers. 
If you wish to use this tool, follow the guide:

1. Transfer and install Handbrake.
2. Run the software.
3. Add your video by clicking the supply button.
4. Opt for a destination folder for a prepared video.
5. Choose output settings. Higher opt for MP4 since this format is that the most space-efficient and it areconjointly supported by most fashionable devices.
6. Choose net Optimizer box.
7. Click the inexperienced begin button to run the conversion method.

Please confine mind that you just will build your video size smaller if you delete all extra audio and subtitles tracks just in case your video contains a heap of them. Visit Audio and Subtitles tabs and opt for solely what you wish departure the remainder behind.


If you utilize Mac book professional, Mac book Air or the other Apple pc, you'll be able to either use Handbrake for your goal or use movie. The latter typically comes pre-installed. To size video with movie you should:

1. Launch the software.
2. Drag-n-drop your video into movie or use the Import button to feature the video.
3. Place the video on movie timeline.
4. Click the Share button and opt for Export Movie.
5. Click choices and set frame ratebitrates, image size, file format and different parameters. 
6. Blood group title for your video and click on Export.

Please be attentive whereas inserting new parameters to stay the video quality fine. Just in case you're unsure what to insert, you'll Google for bitrates calculators. 

There are aunit plenty of them on-line. Simply opt for the one you wish, add your original video length, bitrates, codec, and different information and you’ll run the minimum settings.

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