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6 Best & Free Video Cutters online without Downloading


Need to cut out some scenes from a cine you like to allotment with your friends, but don't accept any video cutter software installed on your computer? 

Well, why install any software and ample added GBs if all these things can be done with online video cutters? Just a apprehend through this 5 charge less accouterment for online video acid to advise you with that.

1. Mixmoov

Mixmoov specializes in online video editing. It provides a white labeled, customizable, award-winning online video alteration toolbox. 

You can acceptation around any blazon of media files both from the web and desktop. Some of the capital appearance and modules cover transitions, frame-level cut, effects, text, templates, etc.

➢ Simple and glossy interface;
➢ Ability to acceptation clips anon from YouTube.
➢ Can’t examination your plan in the timeline.

Online Video Cutter can advise you calmly cut videos and abolish exceptionable locations from them. This appliance supports all video formats. 

To cut a video file, artlessly appointment the website, acceptation the video book you ambition to cut or admission the URL of the ambition video, cut the video and save it.

➢ Straightforward and easy-to-use.
➢ Takes a continued time to amount videos.

Kate’s Video Joiner is a charge less apparatus advised to advise you accompany two or added videos into an individual one. 

It supports assorted video formats including AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG and abounding more, so you don't charge assorted programs to catechumen the videos afore joining.

➢ Easy-to-use.
• Basic video alteration options.
➢ Limited video effects.

Video Toolbox is basal and charges less online video editor. With it, you can calmly cut, crop, merge, demux, hard code subtitles and add watermark to your videos. 

This appliance as well supports an avant-garde alternative to video formats including 3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, and WMV and can as well be acclimated as a video converter.

➢ Besides cutting, it offers several added altered video alteration options.
➢ File ad measurement limitation (600 MB).

FileLab is an easy-to-use online video editor. It offers a convenient interface which enables you to trim, cut, split, merger, rotates, and mix videos as able-bodied as add text, music, alteration, and effects. 

It supports assorted video formats, including HD. You can as well consign the video to be played on Android, iPhone, and iPad. To barrage the video editor, you will charge to install the FileLab constituent which is a 1 MB download.

➢ Supports abounding video formats;
➢ Easy to use interface.
➢ Has to install the constituent to barrage the tool.

How to Cut a Video Online with Video Toolbox
Cutting a video involves selecting assorted pieces from aural the book that you ambition to keep, and fresh accumulation them into an accomplished video that you can fresh allotment online with accompanying by uploading to amusing video websites. 

People are generally abashed and rather abashed if faced with the botheration of acid and alteration videos; it is general anticipation to be an actual complicated activity that requires avant-garde skills. 

However, acknowledgment to user affable charge less online video alteration software such as Video Toolbox, actually anyone can cut a video and actualize an able achievement book - and this can all be done on the web, after accepting to acquirement video alteration software that accepts to be installed on your computer. 

Below you will acquisition instructions on how to use Video Toolbox to accomplish cuts to your video file.

1. Actualize an Annual and LoginTo use the charge lessVideo Toolbox service, you charge to assurance up for an annual on their website (this doesn't amount anything). You will afresh accept an email to affirm your assurance up by beat a link. After this, you will be able to admission the Video Toolbox video alteration tools.

2. Upload a Cine Book: This will yield some time depending on the book size. Accomplish abiding you don't abutting the browser window while the upload activity is demography place, or you may accept to alpha again.

3. Baddest ActionAfter uploading has finished, worst an advantage from the "Select Action" bead down menu. The additional advantage is to Cut/Split the video file, which is what we are accomplishing here. It will be accessible to use this aforementioned card after in adjustment to complete added accomplishments on your cut video files.

4. Accomplish Your SelectionsSelect the alpha time and end time for the area you ambition to cut the video. Then, bang cut the Allotment to leave in aforementioned format, or Catechumen the allotment to catechumen it to altered book architecture (I called to cut the slice). Because there is no beheld examination provided on the timeline, it is astute to agenda down above-mentioned to application the apparatus absolutely area in the video you ambition to cut. Then, worst the agnate timeframe on in the Cut/Split tool.

5. Complete Cut and Download FileOnce the new cut book has been processed, you can fresh download it to your computer. 

6. Echo and MergeAs you can alone cut one section of the video at a time, you artlessly charge to echo the cut/split activity if you ambition to cut out added locations of the video. These are freshly downloaded into the aforementioned binder on your computer. Once you've accomplished acid the capital file, acknowledgment to the Video Toolbox Book Manager, and worst the Absorb Files activity from the bead down menu. This afresh allows you to abridge your cut videos into one individual video file.

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